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Do you know these RFID tags?
  • January 30,2018.

2017 Shenzhen IoT Exhibition,in addition to many new rfid technology has been widespread concern that some related rfid smart tags have also been concerned. Let's see what RFID tags you have not seen before?

RFID cold chain temperature tag

RFID cold chain temperature tag as the name implies is suitable for temperature-sensitive products in the cold chain logistics process temperature management and product information storage management. The most commonly used to this tag  is medical drugs, fresh food and other products. The tag enables the tracing of the source of the product by recording the entire shipment and the temperature changes during storage through the relevant reading and writing equipment.

Dual frequency tag

Dual frequency RFID tags use UHF RFID and NFC technologies to achieve the Dual frequency. It is said that can achieve bulk long-distance reading and can be close to mobile phone NFC data exchange at the same time.

Visual electronic tag

The visual electronic tag rading range is 5m. It's mainly for smart factories.

In addition to these electronic tags, there are some electronic tags that define specific applications.

Anti-human interference tags, designed for personnel management tags.

Rfid buried electronic tags, is designed for the positioning of cargo tags.

In addition to these electronic tags, do not forget, Jietong have more applications for a variety of scenarios rfid electronic tags for you to choose!

The introduction of the new rfid electronic tags, in addition to constantly solve more application problems for customers, but also on the company's own R & D capabilities and technology significantly improved. It marks the Internet of things rfid technology will become more and more mature.

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