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How to use the NFC in life?
  • January 30,2018.

What’s NFC?

NFC(Near Field Communication), in fact NFC is not a new technology invented in recent years. But this technology is very hot in this year that people is concerned about it.

The most typical application is the mobile phone in the case of non-contact machines can sense each other and achieve the purpose of payment is to use NFC technology The most typical example is the bus card.

NFC is evolved from the fusion of RFID and interconnection technology, which is a development and innovation of non-contact technology and RFID technology. It is a short-range wireless communication technology standard.

What are the basic applications of NFC technology?

The basic application of NFC technology can be divided into the following 4 categories:

1.Contact through

Such as access control, tickets and tickets, etc., users only need to carry tickets or password gated mobile devices close to the reading device.

2.Contact confirmation

Such as mobile payment, the user through the input password, or only accept the transaction, confirm the transaction behavior.

3.Contact connection

If you connect 2 built-in NFC devices, point to point data transmission, such as downloading music, picture mutual transmission and synchronous exchange of communication book, etc..

4.Contact browsing

A built-in NFC device seamlessly and conveniently browses information stored on another NFC enabled device.

What kind of development trend of NFC in the future?

NFC has been slowly integrated into a part of the IoT world by a single technology and application. It refers to a variety of items that are connected to the network, ranging from smart thermostats, garage doors, small toothbrushes, heartbeats, and even interior furnishings and bulbs.

NFC, as a starter and initiator of connections, plays an important role in helping devices or sensors to pair instantly to a Bluetooth or WIFI  in a mobile device. However, the potential problems and challenges of NFC are how to improve its security without reducing or affecting the user experience.

As any technology matures, we actually see fewer opportunities for it, because it is embedded in different technologies and applications and then everywhere. No matter what technology, the biggest challenge is often to think about how to enhance the use of feelings, to bring users real convenience.

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