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NFC smart wine cap make you real moderate drinking alcohol
  • January 30,2018.

We all know that moderate drinking is good for your health. But how much is it to drink? It has always been based on personal feelings, not a standard amount to measure. Now, there is a small device known to accurately record how much you drink, but also to avoid excessive drinking you.

SmartPourer is a smart wine bottle cap that replaces the bottle cap then can comes with it to track and control your alcohol intake.

The device is so easy to use that you first need to remove the bottle stopper and insert the NFC Smart Cork that comes with SmartPourer. It will automatically identifies the wine you poured. Then you can mount the SmartPourer ontology and activate it with your phone or any NFC device.

After using this stopper that every time you pour the wine will be detected by SmartPourer and the relevant data will be automatically synchronized to the application through Bluetooth. SmartPourer stores your alcohol intake data and displays them on your phone in the form of a security map. It will alert you when you are likely to be drunk.

SmartPourer also has a "driving time" feature. When you set the time it takes to drive then  it will tells you what the safe drinking amount is. When you approach this amount, the app will immediately advise you to stop drinking.

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