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RFID Technology Helps Trash Management To Make Sanitation Management More Easier
  • November 15,2017.

With the improvement of the overall national quality, The phenomenon of littering has been gradually reduced in the city. This is also reflected that the gradual improvement of garbage disposal in China.Many years ago the environmental protection department began to use RFID technology of trash can .But it isn’t universal to all regions of the country.

At present, Some areas have begun to use this technology or other technologies of Internet of things. But relatively speaking, RFID technology compared to other technologies in this application is still relatively mature, and have a big advantage over.

Let's take a look at the application of this technology and how they are used.

In 2015, Hangzhou Shangcheng district’s Urban Administration Bureau installed more than 200  shell box with RFID tags. Once the shell box has been found to be moved or damaged, etc., the relevant management department will be able to make some countermeasures to reduce the loss.

According to the staff introduction, When the shell box in the normal state, the label will sent regularly information to the website back end. If the shell box is illegally moved, leave the website back end monitoring area or enter another monitoring area, the website back end system will be identified that it was stolen and then the staff will deal with it immediately.

It is reported that Shandong environmental protection departments in the management of the trash has a very mature experience.

In 2015, in order to regulate the garbage removal work, it has invested 300 trash can with RFID tags (20% of the total number of trash can ).RFID tags can identify the location of the trash.

At the same time they installed reader equipment in the five compression refuse collector.Through the RFID reader on the compression refuse collector to read the RFID tags on the trash can.It can show the location of the trash can on the digital platform and Statistics on whether the trash can is on time to clear. The RFID technology to strengthen the daily supervision in the garbage clearance.

Changyi city Shandong province put the RFID tags on the 25,000 trash can.And Set up the account file of them. They installed the infrared detectors and wireless scanner for all garbage truck. Through the information exchange, the trash cans clear transport time, frequency will transmission to the digital platform.The dispatching command center can Identify, locate, track, monitor, manage and dispatch all the trash cans in the city 24 hours.

It's said that if the trash cans not clear more than a day,it will automatically alarm. Command Center through the electronic in mangement platform can know the garbage removal situation.

Trash management of the general operation process:

First of all, the trash can waste collection staff through the UHF handheld reader can weighing measurement, real-time transmission, data comparison and other regulatory techniques to achieve intelligent operation.

The specific operation process is:

By putting the RFID tags on trash cans and putting the automatic weighing,UHF RFID reader ,GPS and video monitoring on the garbage truck to achieve the automatically identifying the kitchen waste cans read data, capture video, locate the route and other functions in transportation.

They provide reliable and credible data and decision-making support for the entire process of waste generation, collection, transportation and disposal, utilization and so on.

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