passive UHF RFID hardware
RFID technology makes warehouse management more convenient
  • August 29,2017.

Recently, RFID technology makes a different for warehouse management. It can recognize and record the quantity or position of the item with its wireless identification function, which makes warehouse management more convenient, double efficacy.

RFID technology can track and manage the goods for reducing the product order and shipping cycle, delivery time and reduce inventory targets. Meanwhile, it can accelerate replenishment speed, inventory and other operations, improve the efficacy as well as reduce the costs.

RFID technology applies to the warehouse - side purchase and inventory management, which assists the great help to the company. It has four benefits for the warehouse management:

1.Information collected when the code doesn’t work in the harsh environment.

2.Data confirmed for record pallets, logistics boxes, stackers, trucks, equipment and  man-hours.

3. Goods recognized, data collected or classify or track and so on.

4. Shelves, automatic splitter, picking equipment integrated intelligently for improving the efficacy.

Generally speaking, the key to management are involved in inventory inventory, storage management, import and export management, first-in first out (that is, the first goods into the storage of goods shipped). No matter how case it is, it should be identify the goods correctly for improve the efficacy of purchase acceptance and correctness. With the handed device, it can not only manage the goods indoor but outdoor, and play the role of mobile business patrol.

Using the handed device reads the RFID electronic tag, real-time information is uploaded to the back-end system via mobile communication network to achieve the goal of minimizing inventory and maximizing product turnover. If it has no necessity for updating the data, reducing the cost of data transmission.

RFID hardware selection is important

RFID’s hardware mainly divided into two parts: reader and rfid electronic tag. There are three forms for reader, handed, fixed and speak style. The indeed installed antenna usually for one to four. If want to expand the reading range, it can choose to install the antenna in the reader around the way to strengthen the signal launch or read power, so as to elongate sensing distance between the sensor and the reader.

The choice of reader and rfid electronic tag must take application and the project requirement into account. Application scene determines the material of the reader and rfid electronic tag, as well as the read range and how to realize a series of questions.

Therefore, it could be better to consult for producer for help and the test of real situation.

As the supplier of rfid hardware device, Shenzhen Jietong Technology was established in 2011, which is a state-level high-tech company. Our company devotes studying, producing and making of the RFID and try every effort to offer low price, high performance products for the consumers. Some certifications has been achieved like American FCC, Australia C-TICK and so on for the related products. And it has passed the ISO09001:2008 management system.

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