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RFID used for AGV car
  • February 8,2018.

All the time, the loading trolley of the domestic production plant is determined by the encoder on the wheel. But it is easy to slide in the process of acceleration and braking, which makes the position more and more difficult to determine that only can by manual correction.

At meanwhile

For this situation, many manufacturers gradually began to use RFID tags on the loading cart and RFID reader installed on the transport rail to determine the specific location of the loading cart to improve work efficiency.

Among them, a calcium carbide manufacturers will very urgent need to optimize its production process.Because for calcium carbide furnace filling raw materials must be properly aligned with the rail car loading door, in order to reduce the waste of material. When the encoder is used to measure, the acceleration, detection and braking of the car will cause slight slip, while the sliding distance will not be measured by the encoder, so the encoder's location data is no longer accurate.

As usual, in this case, the need for manual intervention of staff. However, the temperature in the area near the charging door is very high, because the arc furnace is located below it. The area is a dusty, highly flammable and explosive environment that means that workers must wear protective equipment and bear considerable security risks.

This problem has been improved well after choosing the RFID electronic tag and the RFID reader mounted on the transport guide.

How to implement it?

Install 3 tags on the loading trolley. One is located at the opening of the car and the other two are located at a specific distance between the front and the rear of the opening to indicate the position. An RFID reader is mounted on the rail at each loading door. If the loading trolley moves on the rails, the RFID tags on either side of the trolley pass through the reader at the loading gate.The reader will read the information from the electronic label and send the feedback signal to the controller, which then slows down the speed of the loading car. If the label on the opening of the car is opposite to the reader at the loading door, the reader outputs the information from the label. After the information is received by the controller, the loading car is stopped and sent to the raw material.

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