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The Professional Analyze of Shen Zhen UHF Reader
  • November 3,2017.

First: Introduce for system

With science technology interrupt developing, society growing, information construct interrupt pushed, It’s more and more higher require to books management quantity.

Jie tong technology combine traditional book management with most advance RFID technology, become a more intelligence RFID book management system, It could easy to enhance management effect by UHF RFID device and improve borrow rate; manifest cut-down management staff labor strength; simplify forward reader procedure borrow and return, and big trend enhance book inventory and settle effect.

Second: system combine

RFID book management system including tag trans system, self-help borrow system, self-help return system, smart searching system, push-car inventory system, safe gate checking system.

Third: necessary

Now, the library manifest question of management exist book continue increase, reader serve require enlarge, limit of budget and staff, more format data, fussy management style and work effect low, etc. This time RFID book management system of necessary become  special importance.

Fourth: The system of function

1.Simplify reader borrow and return book procedure, shorten book circulation cycle, enhance library personalize serve level, it’s sufficient play out library public service function, It’s get receive for widely reader.

2.Provide full new inventory model for library, reduce staff management of labor strength, big trend improve book inventory and mis-shelf book settle effect.

3.Making wrong shelf book searching become smoothly and convenience, digging out potential book source forward.

4.Safe gate put distance more widely, it’s convenience reader coming and out. Due to RFID gate never wrong alarm, for avoiding between reader with staff of management argue, along reader with staff management relationship.

Fifth: System implementation benefit

1.Improve management effect.

2.Enhance book borrow rate.

3.Enhance library personalize serve level.

4.Reduce staff of management labor strength

5.Simply reader borrow and return procerdure

6.Big trend improve inventory and mis-shelf book settle effect.

Shen Zhen Jie Tong Technology Co Ltd is focus on wireless RFID reader research, produce and sell are one high technology company. and on widely user improve stable outstanding performance product. Company have own RFID technology and core R&D staff in RFID have more than 10 years work experience. With technology developing, company continue creative, finish series products, for user provide  complete project  settle way and complete after-sale service and technology surpport.  

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