passive UHF RFID hardware
UHF RFID for Vehicle Management
  • November 23,2017.

With china economic of quick development, the life of people quality improve day by day, total of car quantity grow rapidly,too. Exist in vehicle Management issue at currently out mainly at access digest tedious, low effect, low current, strength working of artificial checking, bad service of effect. Complex of access vehicle management systems function at now. Poor targeted, lead to small require big system, user big investment, poor effect.

RFID vehicle intelligent management system is integrate of RFID technology. Computer management technology and automatic control in integrate of modern vehicle intelligent management systems, it’s could satisfy modern vehicle management of information, automatic and require of intelligenzalize. The framework systems like the below picture. The system via between PC and RFID reader communicate, read car with RFID card (tags) information. Then verify to vehicle legal identity.  

Performance of feature:

1.come true speed car via path.

2.Improve service quality.

3.High adaptability and safety

4.Practical of function, operation convenience, cost down.

5.Automatic entrance gate, convenience traffic.

6.The reader encryption reauthorizes the card, Security is higher, check out card and copy card。

Advantage of product

1.High pressure industrial lightning protection of 6000V

2.Northeast, northwest and other extreme cold areas, add low temperature treatment

3.Customizable WIFI, RJ45, RS485, GPRS and other modes of communication

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