passive UHF RFID hardware
UHF RFID Module is applied to manage the safety helmet and personnel
  • March 7,2017.

1.Why people want to use the rfid device to manage the safety helmet?

Generally speaking, if you want to use rfid reader to manage the safety helmet, you have to use the rfid reader with uhf rfid module. Because uhf rfid reader with RS232 reading range is longer. The safety helmet belongs to the part of warehouse management. Beside safety helmet, there is some uniform and worker using tool box which need manage.

2.Where is used of rfid safety helmet generally?

Two point need to apply:

1)management the enter and exit of safety helmet

2)Management the person with safety helmet

3.What is the process of rfid personnel management?

First, we explain the enter and exit management of safety helmet: There are placing the safety helmet and tool.  When the safety helmet and something is taken out of this checkpoint, the rfid reader will scan the things with rfid tag. Finally,  the system will count in the number of safety helmet and other tools. From there,  we need pay attention to two point:

1)where the mini rfid tag should be placed in the safety helmet? When you place inside, the rfid tag is easy to stick the hair; when you place outside, the rfid tag is easy to fall. When our company  meet this problem, our final decision is that we can place the rfid tag on behind the helmet that hollow place, according to the helmet design. Because of this design, which prevent from hurting the backside of head , when work is doing something. As we all know, the backside of head is very weak. Actually, uhf rfid reader can scan many tag, the effective is very higher. It is convenient for enterprise to manage the worker.

About the personnel management: as picture, the process of simple operation is divided into four step:

1). Every person safety helmet with rfid tag will send data, the rfid reader on head mast will receive the data and collect the data, to advance the processing.

2). Data are generally based on Ethernet cable cranes rfid read-write device to the ground to connect of acquisition of data, it is important to note that must be reasonable for wiring, so as to avoid winding line.

3). The background of the server must first have a good grasp of the data interface, and the transformation of the data.

4). Background operation personnel of the background data to add, delete, change, check, and to monitor the condition of the construction site, if there is an urgent problem, will be to deal with emergency problems in a timely manner.

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