passive UHF RFID hardware
UHF RFID Staff Management
  • November 23,2017.

Long distance sensing card staff management system is combine UHF RFID automatic knowledge technogy with internet technology and application system of mordenlize staff management system. This system widely appliction on meeting report management, school staff entrance management, company into staff entrence management etc. Refrence to person with a record belonger of info electric tags, in system apliction read electric tags info by UHF RFID reader, and trans data to application system of management. Basiclly, the important record entrance staff, special site application, It also needs to identify whether the person is authorized When an unauthorized person is passing through the entrance, the system will alert the alarm and forbid it to enter.

System feature

1.electric tag adopt passive, it’s could use more than 10 years, free preserve, low cost.

2.Electric could work in the high temperature or down temperature.

3.Electric look small, light, unthick, convenience take, it’s suitable any place.

4.Syetem read and writ could get 30 meter, get data quickly, protocol multiple tag read and writ.

5.System statistic data convenience, intime, accurence.

6.System have function of staff entrance safe management at the same time.


The card can’t put into poket radomly, must be hung on breast or clothing or schoolbag, can’t attched tight body(The human body contains more than 70 percent water, and the liquid absorbs microwaves, so it's very disturbing).

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