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Warehouse Management of UHF RFID
  • November 10,2017.

At present, RFID technology are taking a big evolution for supply chain, to recognize advantage for far distance, quickly, stiff, large storage etc, bar code can’t compare.simplify work process of complicate, effectively nice change efficiency and transparency of supply chain. RFID warehouse management system is your warehouse bring in RFID technology for now you have. It’s checking, entering warehouse, ex-warehouse, transfer, move warehouse and move position, inventory verification etc any homework link data automatic collection. Guarantee warehouse management any link are input data speed and accurate, ensure company accurately hold on stock real data in time. Keeping and controlling company stock reasonable.By scientific coding, it’s also convenience management for batcher of goods, expiration date. Use system’s storage location management function could master all stock storage current position immediately. It’s beneficial improve of produce efficiency, reduce operation cost, it’s vital importance for company.

System feature

System automatically complete goods out-put or in-put process and change status operation. Needn’t manual intervention, real-time update. ensure company accurately hold on stock real data in time;

Long distance read and writ make inventory and find cargo speed quickly and higher efficiency;

Full automation brings more accurate and optimized management, which can realize automatic shortage alarm, batch of automatic management items, shelf life, priority to arrange the storage of longer products to store and other intelligent functions.

The whole automation, intelligence and data updating of warehouse management make it more efficient and accurate to manage multi-library collaborative ;

To supply chain management, logistics management, sales management, product anti-counterfeiting to RFID technology integration, execute orders, supply cycle, quality, processing and manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, channels, sales, anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting business full integration of process control, such as real-time, high efficiency, preciseness and faster response speed, lower false positives, lower inventory, improve enterprise management experience.

Product case

Attached RFID electronic tag on every groups box or tray,write the name, specification and other details of the goods in the label. It can also be used to write the detailed information of the delivery party to the goods in and out of the warehouse, set up the RFID reader in the warehouse and the distribution pipelines, and automatically identify and detect the circulation of the goods. (in the link of the whole supply chain, including procurement, storage, production, packaging, handling, transportation, distribution processing, distribution, sales and service of all business processes and process, the electronic label can support but the most basic information carrier.)

Automated management inventory, because the uhf RFID has long distance, high moving, speaking, reading and writing, speaking, reading and writing, multiple tags, speaking, reading and writing etc, the system of goods, inventory by installing at the entrance of RFID read-write equipment automatic identification record directly information; The system's inventory management function can help you to master all the inventory items in a timely manner. Library to him the arrival of the goods inspection, inbound, outbound, allocate, shift of the library, inventory inventory data in each operation link, such as automatic data acquisition, ensure warehouse management each link of the data collection speed and accuracy, and ensure the timely and accurately grasp enterprise inventory of real data.

Intelligent management is to save, through the scientific code, the batch of goods, the shelf life, etc. Intelligent management, automatically arrange the goods first in first, the wall free goods inventory period too long; At the same time, it can automatically detect the shortage of goods and the situation of unmarketable goods.

More perfect multi-bank collaborative management. Can be of different types, multiple warehouse distribution in different areas for a more rapid and accurate management, real-time monitoring of each warehouse inventory, automatic or semi-automatic arrange cargo, replenishment, distribution.

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