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What are the applications of RFID handheld in hotel management?
  • December 29,2017.

The hotel is a catering, accommodation and entertainment as one of the integrated service groups. When the transaction or process is more and more unable to meet the business needs of rapid transaction, it will cause a lot of business loss, and will also face the bottleneck difficult to break through. Therefore, handheld reader efficient data acquisition and real-time interaction become an important part of the enterprise to achieve simplification and high efficiency.

Here we look at what UHF handheld reader in the hotel management applications now.

1, When the guests have booked the room, you do not need to verify the front desk. By hand-held reader to scan the customer's mobile phone code to determine the  booking information.And then take the customer and luggage to a designated room, the process of security and confidentiality, for some inconvenient customers, such as stars to give the maximum privacy protection.

2, When the guests came to the hotel, the waiter holding a handheld reader.When the guests booking the room, the handheld through the network to the server's database query, how many vacancies, will each at a glance. If you are sure to book the room, handheld reader  will be updated in a timely manner to synchronize the database server.

3, When the guests need to eat, no phone or artificial ordering. Through the terminal in the room connected to the hotel's catering department system for ordering. More meal selection and relative description, to facilitate customers to calmly choose dishes, and consumer information directly to the database. Each delivery clerk can check the delivery process through the handheld reader to avoid overlapping of delivery or delivery inefficiencies.

4, When the guests stay, you can through the terminal in  room to show the hotel features and services. Contribute to additional revenue and customer experience. When the guests need a service, you can pre-order in the terminal, saving a lot of service costs, but also conducive to the service department system, transparent management.

5, When the guests check-out, the waiter can promptly update the room through the hand-held reader to supplies and equipment complementarity between the various departments effective assistance and transparent management, to avoid omissions.

By UHF RFID handheld reader, you can achieve high-end hotel management and service integration, to provide customers with the perfect experience, but also to enhance the hotel's brand image and service quality.

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